Amanda & Brandon’s Fall Vineyard Wedding at Copain Wines

Amanda and Brandon’s wedding at Copain Wines was joyous, cute, and heartwarming. One sweet, super in-love couple, their adorable fuzzy dog, and a whole crew of wonderful family and friends, all in the most stunning venue under the golden fall sun, made this day a most extraordinary one and an absolute blast for us to photograph.

Diesel the German Shepherd was a bit of a star throughout the entire day, and we just couldn’t get enough of him. (He reminds us a lot of our old German Shepherd, so we might be a bit biased!) While Brandon was getting ready, he roamed around the house, trying to get anyone who would pay attention to toss his ball, and he was definite hit with the adorable little ringbearers who would later walk with him down the aisle with the rings.

Meanwhile, over at the venue, Amanda got her finishing touches done in a cozy little wine room, and afterwards, the three of them had a very sweet first look. Yes, Diesel had to wait to see his mommy in her wedding dress too! And speaking of Diesel, he wore a “ring security” vest, which held two ring boxes on it with velcro, and he was the official bearer of the rings. He of course had a front-row seat to watch his parents say their vows and unite in marriage, and dutifully got up to deliver the rings when the time came.

We loved how beautiful everything was — not just the vineyards, mountains, and golden colors, but also how warm and intimate the whole day was. Amanda and Brandon spent a lot of time with their guests, which can be hard to do on a wedding day, and there were so many little moments we really enjoyed, like the scene of all the little girls gathered around Amanda and the wedding cake, or of Dad presenting them with a wooden “Mr. & Mrs. Major Fox” sign for their home.

We hope you’ll enjoy looking through each and every one of these photos as much as we do. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Fox!