Gina & Saad’s Coyote Hills Regional Park Engagement Photos

We always have a backlog of spots that we’d love to visit for photos, and recently we got to cross one off our list! I’m super grateful that Gina & Saad trusted us and our suggestion to explore Coyote Hills Regional Park for their engagement photos. It may have been a little bit chilly, but the views and sunset sky here were nothing short of incredible!!

Also, this is totally irrelevant, but we learned that turkeys can fly up into really tall trees to sleep at night. And that a tree can be home to a LOT of turkeys.

Anyway, back to Saad and Gina: I just love how much fun they’re having with each other in every one of these. To make it more personal, they even brought along some of their favorite board games, and books representing places they’ve visited 🙂 We’re so excited to share these, and even more excited for their wedding next fall!