Christine & Dennis’s Nella Terra Cellars Wedding in Sunol

We first met with Christine and Dennis almost exactly a year before their Nella Terra Cellars wedding, and we instantly loved how they interacted and the way they described their story together. They had gotten engaged a year before that on a hike near the ice fields in Banff during golden hour, which sounds like a page right out of my bucket list! Christine admits she should have been suspicious since Dennis never suggests hiking, but perhaps it’s good to be caught off guard on occasions like this 🙂

We took their engagement photos last fall, and more recently I also met them at San Francisco City Hall for a few more photos which you can see below.

Their wedding day was just over a month ago. Nella Terra is easily one of the most beautiful wedding venues we’ve ever seen. It’s nestled in the hills of Sunol, in a quiet spot with rolling grassy hills all around. They had their first look on a cute little bridge outside, and had a very beautiful, sweet, and at times touching, outdoor ceremony. Nella Terra is known for its long staircase for the wedding ceremony processional and the bride’s entrance, and that sure didn’t disappoint! We made sure to get some photos there afterwards too because it was just stunning.

Their reception inside the venue’s tent was flawlessly decorated. The long wooden farm tables and beautiful florals, elegant chargers and table settings, and personal stationeries (especially the table signs, each representing a place they’ve been together) made for a picture-perfect reception arrangement. Also, I’m really starting to like this trend of boba appearing at weddings… and Dennis & Christine even had ramen and popcorn chicken as a late-night snack! I’m sure their guests appreciated that! (I mean, who wouldn’t?)

As photographers, wedding day portraits are super important, and sunset is a crucial, if brief, time for us to make some beautiful photos — and of all the venues we’ve worked at, Nella Terra has probably the best opportunities for sunset photos. I’m so happy Dennis and Christine allotted time for us to get away during sunset so they could spend some alone time for photos. The hills and rolling fields are absolutely spectacular, and the way they light up during golden hour is like a dream. We’re so glad we got to hit these amazing spots with them and create the photos you see below!

Oh, one last thing. Can you find their bunnies, Sandy and Cinnabun, in these photos?

Congratulations to Dennis & Christine!