Amanda & Petrus | Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery Wedding

I loved how Amanda and Petrus’s Casa Real wedding was filled from beginning to end with tons of little moments that made this day uniquely theirs. Ten minutes into getting ready and we already knew this was going to be an incredible wedding. You see, most photos we take at weddings don’t need captions, but I think a few of these photos might leave viewers puzzled otherwise… and that’s how you know this day was a great one!

For instance, why is Amanda sitting in a chair holding a tub? She was actually getting a mini haircut from Hung, the best man! That was definitely a first for us. Meanwhile, over on the guys’ side, you can see Petrus giving gifts to each of his groomsmen, everyone catching his infectious smile, and… one of the groomsmen getting “iced” and snapping a photo of it.

Over at Casa Real, before the official ceremony began, Amanda & Petrus had a cute little “first touch.” Standing on opposite sides of a door, they exchanged a few touches without actually peeking, and then exchanged some really wonderful surprises for each other. Even as photographers watching the day’s events from the sidelines, it was really touching for us! Their ceremony was also full of joy and emotion, which you can see in all of the guests too, and it ended with a pretty cool dove release.

At the reception (which was beautifully decorated by the way), many fun and games were had — cash cannons, dancing, bouquet/garter toss, and many heartfelt toasts — but one really memorable thing for us was that they presented each of their parents with a special gift, which we thought was really sweet. And the sunset photos, oh the sunset photos. They sure chose the right venue for some gorgeous vineyard sunset photos. Congrats to Petrus & Amanda, and scroll below to take a look!