Hannah & Bruce’s Shelldance Gardens Wedding Ceremony and Domenico Winery Reception

Bruce and Hannah said their vows and tied the knot a little less than three weeks ago. We have some highlights ready and are so excited to share them! Their day started off in Pacifica, where they had their first look and wedding ceremony at one of my favorite places for a cozy, intimate, and naturally-decorated space, the Shelldance Gardens. It was actually raining that day, but they certainly chose the right venue for that — I couldn’t imagine anywhere being more perfect for rain than a lush greenhouse!

In between a beautiful first look, their touching ceremony (with a few tears!), and a traditional tea ceremony, there were a couple other fun and unique things… like a crying ringbearer running down the aisle and (perhaps my favorite thing at any wedding ever) bubble tea for all the guests 😀

After the ceremony, we headed over to Domenico Winery for their reception. The florals and decorations here were stunning! I loved that H&B not only made sure their guests were well-fed, but even had a kids’ play room for the little ones to enjoy. They really made it a priority for all the guests to have fun, and from the looks of it, everyone had a great time.

By the way, check out their engagement photos if you haven’t already!