Meann & Samson | Engagement Photos in San Francisco and Berkeley

I’ve been really excited about Meann & Samson’s pre-wedding shoot for a long time — the pair reached out to me last year and had been planning this for more than six months! They had already taken a set of formal, indoor pre-wedding photos near their home in Hong Kong, and were looking for a more fun, outdoor feel here, which is right up my alley 🙂 While visiting California to attend a graduation a couple weeks ago, they took the opportunity to meet me and create some beautiful engagement photos in San Francisco.

They chose some really great locations: first, we started off with photos around the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Aside from being where Samson had gone to school, there’s actually a really great, unique view of Sather Tower from there, which I really liked! Next, we headed west to San Francisco to a neat little street that slopes steeply downwards for a great view of the urban cityscape. Meann & Samson found this spot while scouting out the city, so hat tip to them for going the extra mile and finding the perfect place for photos 🙂 And finally, we went to Sutro Baths, a perennial favorite. Although it was a cloudy day, there was great texture in the sky and the atmosphere was perfect (if a bit chilly!).

I really enjoyed all these urban and city shots with Meann & Samson. I usually tend to shoot more nature/landscapes with my couples, so I’m really glad they asked for (and even scouted out!) locations in the city, and it all worked out so wonderfully with this beautiful couple. I can’t wait to see what their wedding next year is like!