Maylene & Alejandro | Classic Fairmont Pittsburgh Hotel Wedding

Annie and I flew to the east coast last month for Maylene & Alejandro’s Fairmont Pittsburgh hotel wedding. That weekend marked many “firsts” for us (we had never been to Pennsylvania!), but the biggest one is that it was our first time photographing a close friend’s wedding. We normally get to know all of our couples pretty well by the time we show up on their wedding day, but it’s really a different experience to look through the lens and focus on every expression, every smile, and every tear for someone we’ve known for half our lives… and I’m so glad we did it!

Maylene & Alejandro’s wedding was everything. There was no shortage of poignant moments, like their very emotional first look, the vow exchange, and the parent dances. But it was also great that nobody took themselves too seriously — you’ll see a lot of silliness in the photos below, including Alejandro and the guys “getting ready” at the gym, Maylene and her bridesmaids doing the sassy “Bridesmaids” pose (from the movie) with Alejandro photobombing, and the groomsmen wearing stick-on mustaches at the reception.

And the dancing! Their reception (also at the Fairmont) started off with a beautifully choreographed first dance between M&A, and then after dinner the atmosphere got progressively livelier and more energetic as the night went on. It was just as packed at midnight as it was when the music first started. There were some serious dance moves on the dance floor, and everyone was cheering. It’s no wonder, of course, since Maylene danced competitively for years and some of their guests were professional dance instructors!

This was one of the most fun weddings we’ve ever been to, and I think it really shows in the photos. But more importantly, it was a celebration of love that we really enjoyed witnessing and capturing, and we’re both so happy they found their perfect match in each other. Congrats to M&A, and to their entire families, on their union and life together.