Bryan & Christen | San Francisco Point Bonita Lighthouse Surprise Proposal

Bryan had his proposal planned out long in advance — several months before the big day, he reserved the Point Bonita Lighthouse for a “private tour” for himself and his girlfriend Christen. Point Bonita is a little rocky piece of land that juts out from the tip of the Marin Headlands where the San Francisco Bay becomes the Pacific Ocean, and has amazing views of the city, Bay, and even the Golden Gate Bridge. The lighthouse itself is quite beautiful even when it’s just a tiny blip on the horizon when viewed from afar, but it’s definitely worth checking out up close and in person!

As usual, we arrived a bit early to check out the lighting and angles, but we got a nice little bonus that day: since Bryan had reserved the entire space, we had the luxury of enjoying the beautiful view all alone for a few moments, and of course took a few obligatory selfies there 🙂

Once they arrived, we watched B&C walk around and enjoy some private time around the lighthouse, and when it was time, captured the precious photos below of Bryan getting down on one knee and proposing. We loved Christen’s cute reaction before she said yes, but I think the best part was her double take when she took a closer look at her new beautiful ring! Check out their photos below, and please join me in congratulating the newly engaged couple!