Abigail & Vaughn’s Wedding at Fairview Metropolitan Golf Links | Oakland Wedding Photographer

This is the story of a pair of high school sweethearts who finally tied the knot three weeks ago. In Abigail & Vaughn’s own words, here’s the short-and-very-sweet version:

​​Vaughn and Abigail met in high school. The word “met” is used loosely, because what we really mean is that we both thought the other was very cute, so of course we stayed as far away from each other as possible.
​​After many years, we reconnected. It began innocently enough by going to the gym together. Thanksgiving 2014 rolled around, and Abigail invited Vaughn over for pie. While Vaughn wasn’t a fan of pie, he was a fan of Abigail, and so he accepted.
​​The rest, as they say, is history.

As Abigail’s mom recounted, one day long ago when they were at the mall together, Abigail spotted Vaughn, “that cute guy from class,” at the mall… and shied away. Fast-forward to their wedding day: surrounded by their friends & family, they expressed their love for one another and had an absolutely wonderful celebration. Everything was perfect — the dress, the flowers, the party… and most of all, the love and excitement among A&V and their friends and family!

Don’t forget to check out the photos of Vaughn doing a little dance before the garter toss near the end… those are definitely some of my favorites from the day 😛

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