Joey & Patty | Point Reyes Cypress Tree Tunnel Surprise Engagement Proposal

My second favorite thing about being a photographer, right after getting to witness life’s happy moments for amazing couples, is constantly visiting beautiful new places. The Cypress Tree Tunnel at the Point Reyes National Seashore has been a sight I’ve been wanting to see for ages, so imagine my excitement when I heard from Joey!

When Joey and I talked, he wasn’t looking for suggestions or ideas… no, he knew the Cypress Tree Tunnel was going to be the spot. And for good reason — it’s incredible! I had to see it myself to believe it. On the big day, Joey texted me updates about his status, including the wrong turn they had made on the way there. I was actually quite happy that they were delayed a bit — on that day, the golden sunset light peeking through the branches was a perfect 10/10, and they ended up arriving at the absolute perfect time to see the tunnel at its very best!

After a brief walk down the path, Joey pulled out the ring and popped the question. Patty had the most incredibly happy and bubbly reaction, and while he’s more of the calm & collected type (hmm, reminds me of Annie and myself), he just couldn’t contain his joy and that huge smile on his face. After she said yes, Joey got up and they hugged, and then he realized he hadn’t put the ring on her finger so he got back down and did that, haha. It’s always these unique little things that I remember and love most 🙂

(Unrelated note: driving through Point Reyes Station on the way there brought back so many happy memories from Billy & Louisa’s wedding almost two years ago. Toby’s Feed Barn and that punny “NO BARKING” brick wall were just as I had remembered them!)

Huge congrats to Joey & Patty!