Jake & Jenna’s Yountville Garden Surprise Engagement | Napa Valley Proposal Photographer

I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to take a trip up to Napa Valley and photograph this wonderful moment for Jake & Jenna this past weekend! They flew in from the east coast, and after checking out San Francisco, visited the cute little town of Yountville for a perfect dinner at The French Laundry.

I actually arrived way early and had some time to stroll through the town a bit before J&J’s arrival. Yountville is a modern, beautiful, and quiet little town, and so picturesque that my assistant remarked that it felt like we were on a movie set. The French Laundry Garden turned out to be the perfect location for this special moment: it provides an excellent excuse for getting dressed up perfectly (look at Jenna’s dress!) without arousing suspicion, it’s a beautiful, open location, and its organic and sustainable values are an interesting touch as well.

Jake had been planning this big moment for a long time. We had been in constant communication, and I knew he wanted everything to be absolutely perfect… and it was! As I watched the two walk into the garden, look around, and head over to where he would pop the question, I noticed that several bystanders were watching — and as soon as Jenna said yes, there was an excited round of applause coming from every direction!

I am so excited to share this wonderful moment with you. Congratulations, Jake & Jenna!