Sean & Natalie’s Wedding Day at The Ranch at Silver Creek

Atop the hills of San Jose, Sean and Natalie celebrated their long-awaited wedding day at The Ranch at Silver Creek, surrounded by love, laughter, and the joyful presence of their fluffily adorable corgi Mango. We’ve been thrilled to follow their journey from the surprise proposal to this day almost three years later (and in all, over ten years in the making!) when they finally said “I do.” [ read more … ]

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Khin & John’s San Jose Boulder Ridge Wedding

What an exciting ride this has been… from one of our favorite engagement shoots to their absolutely beautiful wedding day, we’re super excited to share some photos from John & Khin’s Boulder Ridge wedding in San Jose. [ read more … ]

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Lisa & Vince | Silverado Resort and Spa Napa Wedding

Lisa and Vince’s story began with three of their friends deciding to set the two up on a date. As recounted on their wedding website:

Erik sent Vince a picture of Lisa and asked if he would want to go on a date with her and Vince nervously agreed because she was so pretty. Lisa also agreed to a date, without seeing a picture of Vince.

I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out who wrote this part 😛 [ read more … ]

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Sarah & Jonathan | San Jose Woman’s Club Wedding

Our featured couple this week is Sarah & Jonathan. After getting ready separately early in the day, they had a cute first look in front of Tower Hall, on the San Jose State University campus where they first met. We then went over to the San Jose Woman’s Club where their family & friends were gathered for their ceremony. After reading their vows, exchanging rings, and communion, Sarah & Jonathan celebrated by having one of their favorite treats: a 7-Eleven slurpee! [ read more … ]

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