Becky & Ryan’s San Jose Wedding at The Ranch at Silver Creek

Nestled in the embrace of San Jose’s hills, Becky and Ryan marked a new chapter in their seven-year love story with a wedding that was as breathtaking as the mountainside where they got engaged two years prior. Becky and Ryan’s story began in 2016, and their love has grown stronger with each passing year, each traveled destination, and each obstacle overcome. We are so excited to have had the privilege of joining them on their beautiful San Jose wedding celebration and to share a few photos from their day!

Their outdoor ceremony was a joyous affair, filled smiles and laughter, especially for the personal vows exchanged between bride & groom. It was particularly heartwarming to see how genuinely happy the parents were for this union, a testament to the deep bonds that unite families. As the ceremony came to a close, guests on both sides of the aisle celebrated the newlyweds by sending them off with a delightful bubble exit. The air was filled with floating iridescent orbs, each one flying higher than the last, as they made their way back down the aisle as husband & wife.

Throughout the day, we marveled at the love and camaraderie shared by all. The tone was poignant at times — even we the photographers were nearly moved to tears at some points, like the parent speeches — and upbeat and lively at others, like when Ryan busted out some Indonesian during his thank-you speech. But the overall thread that weaved it all together was the theme of union and connection, and that’s what we’ll always remember this wedding for.

Congratulations to Ryan and Becky on a truly magical wedding at the beautiful Ranch at Silver Creek!