Monica & Nick’s Lush Spring Garden Valley Ranch Wedding

Under the warm springtime sun, Monica and Nick’s wedding unfolded like a beautiful dream. From their intimate getting ready moments through the end of the reception, their entire wedding day was filled with laughter and tears every step of the way.

Monica’s blush tulle dress was a vision of elegance and grace. It was truly a photographer’s dream, and each step she took was such a delight to capture, adding to a beautiful couple in the already picturesque setting. And even more special was the crafty touch: Monica and her bridesmaids had a fun-filled evening before the wedding, creating their own bouquets, giving them love and personal meaning.

I think our favorite element of the wedding day was the tears and laughter, often simultaneously — there was no shortage of both at all points throughout the day! As you scroll through the photos, you’ll see so much emotion and feeling from Nick, Monica, and of course their friends and family as well. And adding an adorable touch to the day, Kora, their Bernese Mountain Dog, charmed everyone with her cuteness and infectious enthusiasm. As dog parents ourselves, we absolutely loved her subtle yet noticeable attention-seeking during the ceremony 😀

As the day unfolded, we were moved by the love and joy shared by all. From heartfelt speeches to emotional embraces, the celebration was a wonderful expression of the love and connection that united everyone present. We’re excited to share a few of the highlights below!