Maddy & Josh’s Fall Wedding at The Club at Ruby Hill

Maddy and Josh are a match made in heaven… because an ice cream shop is basically indistinguishable from heaven, right? Here’s their story in their own words:

Summer of 2016 ~ While on crutches suffering from a foot injury, Josh asked Maddy for her number while she was working in an ice cream shop in Downtown Mountain View, not wanting to hurt an injured person even more, she said yes and gave him her number… They planned a coffee date for the next day …. and the rest is history!

Fast-forward six and a half years to autumn 2022, and here we are now at their wedding day! We don’t get a lot of seasonal color in the Bay Area, so when we do, we take full advantage of it. Maddy and Josh’s fall wedding at The Club at Ruby Hill was vibrant and upbeat, and the whole day was a ton of fun to photograph. If our cameras could express joy they’d be over the moon! (But good thing they can’t, because those things are expensive…) I think one of our favorite moments was Maddy and Josh’s private vow reading right after their first look — a very sweet, quiet moment for just the two of them. But there were so many big and little moments and everything in between that it’s pretty tough to truly pick out a favorite. Between the ceremony, flower petal toss, portraits (especially by the lake with those golden leaves!), and all the reception fun, everything was a blast, and we’re super happy to have been there to capture it.

Congrats Maddy and Josh! We’ve been anxious to share a few highlights, and now here they are 🙂