Constance & Kevin’s Outdoor Art Club Wedding

Constance and Kevin are two of the sweetest folks you’ll ever meet, and it was such a joy for us to capture their wedding memories. Their story started a full decade ago in college, where they studied entirely different fields with disjoint course paths, but as luck would have it, they did overlap on one fateful elective — and that’s all it took. Since then, their relationship grew (along with their collective coffee habit), and one day in 2021, Kevin planned a very sweet proposal, which brings us to present day: their Outdoor Art Club wedding!

This wedding was full of smiles and giggles, from getting ready at the bride & groom’s respective Airbnbs all the way through the last dance. And it was delightful candy for our cameras too, as the Outdoor Art Club is simply spectacular with summer’s golden sunlight shining through the trees. One unique aspect we particularly enjoyed was the sprinkling of Asian culture that Constance and Kevin thoughtfully blended into their reception, seen in the lanterns & reception decor, table settings, and Constance’s reception dress. And, of course, we thoroughly enjoyed all the fun events, especially the shoe game!

We hope these photos will bring you the same ear-to-ear smile that we get whenever we look at them and reminisce of this day!