Zach & Jenn’s Wedding at The Palm Event Center in the Vineyard

We love springtime weddings. The lush greenery, puffy clouds, and gentle sun make such a pleasing atmosphere, and it created a perfect setting for Zach and Jenn’s wedding at The Palm Event Center. If people were seasons, Zach and Jenn would be spring — they’re both so easygoing and cheerful, not only as individuals, but also as a couple. Actually, one interesting thing we noticed is that in so many of their photos, the expressions and smiles on their faces mirror each other from frame to frame. It’s truly delightful to see that kind of shared energy!

The wedding itself was a blast for us to capture, with so many little sweet moments all throughout, not just between our bride & groom, but also with family, friends, and of course, their suuuuper adorable husky 🙂 The first look and ceremony were quiet and sweet, and as the day turned into night, the energy level grew and grew until it was an absolutely party on the dance floor during the reception.

We’re so happy and so honored to have been able to follow Zach and Jenn from their proposal to their wedding day. Congrats to Z&J, and check out the story of their day below!