Maddy & Josh’s Muir Beach Sunset Engagement Photos

One of the things we love most about taking photos of happy couples is capturing the feeling in each photo. Whether we’re editing the photos, putting them together on a blog post like this, or just looking through them months or years later, we’re always taken back to the moment the photos were snapped. The afternoon sun’s warm light, Maddy and Josh’s playful smiles and laughter, the ocean’s soft spray, it’s all there once again every time we look at these engagement photos.

Maddy and Josh were the sweetest, most delightful pair to have on the other side of our cameras. They were looking for something outdoors to show off the beautiful nature near SF, and their choice of Muir Beach for sunset engagement photos was just perfect. There’s a good amount of variety here, with rocks, sand, and ocean, from both up high and down low — all making a great location complement to their wedding in Pleasanton later this year, which we’re super stoked about. We started up top at the overlook, made our way down, and caught the sunset down by the waves.

And without further ado, here are a few of our favorites from their engagement shoot!