Sheila & Rex’s Engagement Photos at Cal State East Bay

Sometimes my couples ask me, “would it be okay if we bring our dogs to the shoot?” And I’m like, is it ok?? OF COURSE it is!! Last week, I had a great time with Sheila and Rex and their two dogs Bella and Coco. Bella, as the little baby of the family, had just gotten her shots, so the timing was perfect for her to explore the great outdoors with us 🙂 S&R chose to have their engagement photos at Cal State East Bay, where they first met, and Garin Park, where they often walk the dogs. University campuses usually don’t come to mind when people think of places for romantic photos, but I enjoyed showing their personal connection in these photos at a spot meaningful to them — and CSUEB ended up being quite a lovely backdrop in these photos!

I loved that Rex has his secret magic to make Sheila giggle anytime, anywhere, which proved quite handy for their engagement shoot. Put together a fun family of four, a couple of great locations, and some warm autumn light, and here’s what you get!