Michelle & Bajis’s Intimate Wedding at The Club at Ruby Hill

Bajis and Michelle’s wedding was a perfect day — elegantly styled, warmly personal, and thoughtfully socially-distanced. Even in hindsight, it’s almost unbelievable that this whole event was put together in a month and a half, after their first two venues and plans didn’t work out due to the pandemic. In addition to the family & friends who attended in person, a wider audience joined in on Zoom to celebrate together virtually. All in all, while on its surface it had the hallmarks of a 2020 wedding, at its core, Michelle and Bajis’s intimate wedding at The Club at Ruby Hill was a most timeless celebration of love and union.

One of the aspects we’ve always loved about Ruby Hill is its ample opportunity for beautiful portraits with light that can only be described as heavenly. We spent a pretty typical amount of time on wedding-day portraits for Michelle and Bajis, yet ended up with so many photos of the two of them looking absolutely fantastic. But perhaps the most enjoyable part of photographing this wedding was its abundance of precious moments, whether during their first look, ceremony, toasts, or dances.

A recurring theme that kept coming up during toasts, to the amusement of pretty much everybody, was Bajis’s propensity to mostly disregard speed limits. Well, now that you’re husband and wife, we hope that you’ve both found a reason to take life slowly and to enjoy all the wonder and joy of your new marriage at a leisurely pace… figuratively of course, because who can give up fast cars 😀

Congrats to Bajis and Michelle!