Laura Beth & Andrew’s “Lemonade” Zoom Wedding at The Trident

We met Laura Beth & Andrew almost a year and a half ago, back when the world was still humming along and everyone was doing the now-unthinkable — like gathering in groups and giving out hugs! 😱 Yeah, crazy times, I know. When it became clear a few months back that their meticulously-planned wedding would be disrupted, Laura Beth and Andrew decided to rethink it all and distill their wedding celebration down to what really mattered: a memorialization of love between the two of them, witnessed by their family & friends both near and far. As a result, they completely reimagined their wedding day and turned it the most fun and interactive Zoom wedding ever!

The wedding day started off with a tiny group (including their virtual bridal party members!) getting ready at The Trident in Sausalito. After a short & sweet first look, they exchanged their vows and had their ceremony out by the Bay. With ~200 guests tuning in from all over the world, they made sure to plan a ton of virtual activities before, during, and after the ceremony, to make sure that all the guests got to actively join the fun. Just as an example of just how real-time and interactive it was, as things were getting started, guests were asked to vote for the poem that would then be read at the beginning of the ceremony!

LB & Andrew truly managed to make some very refreshing lemonade out of 2020’s lemons, and I think their Zoom wedding ended up being even more special and memorable than originally planned. And I had the most wonderful time too — having previously photographed their engagement session and also the wedding of Laura Beth’s sister (whom you’ll see below as the matron of honor of course), it was just like celebrating with a bunch of old friends!

Congrats again to Laura Beth and Andrew, and take a look at the highlights of their day below 🤗