Alicia & Brian’s Outdoor Art Club Wedding in Mill Valley

Our first wedding of the year was just a few weeks ago, and we had the good fortune to spend it with this happiest, most down-to-earth couple. We’re excited to kick off our year and share some of the highlights now of Alicia & Brian’s Outdoor Art Club wedding.

We started off the day at a nearby Airbnb, where the entire bridal party got ready together. We loved it — the modern design and huge windows were such a treat to our cameras! Brian, Alicia, and the whole crew all had a blast here getting ready, relaxing, and enjoying some drinks and the hot tub. When everyone was done, we made a short trip to Cascade Falls for their first look. The waterfall is definitely a pretty unique spot for a first look, and quite a hidden gem. They both love hiking and the outdoors, and Brian proposed not far from there at the Dipsea Steps, so it was really the perfect place for the two of them.

Every time we’re at the Outdoor Art Club, it’s a little bit of a different experience. Alicia and Brian had a short and sweet ceremony with a mixture of candor, laughter, and tears, followed by one of the most energetic receptions we’ve ever seen. The band’s performance really got everyone up and dancing, and Alicia set the stage for all the guests by taking the lead and dancing barefoot into the night.

Congrats to Alicia & Brian, and take a look at the story of their wedding day below!