Jonathan & Leianne | Pacifica Devil’s Slide Bunker Engagement Photos

Last weekend, I joined Jonathan & Leianne on the cliffs of Pacifica for their Devil’s Slide Bunker engagement photos. It’s a neat spot that you might have seen while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway down towards Half moon Bay, that weird-looking, colorful, weather-worn structure defiantly standing up on a rock jutting into the ocean. Turns out, this spot makes a great place for an engagement session!

Jonathan and Leianne have been engaged for more than half a year, but being the sweet fiance he is, Jonathan actually had their engagement ring custom-designed to be just perfect, and even made the ring box from some of their Jenga pieces — a tribute to how they first met while playing giant Jenga together. It’s those unique little details that make every engagement session memorable to me 🙂

This lovely couple is getting married in just a few months — congrats guys!