Chung & Justin | CuriOdyssey Wedding at Coyote Point

June 16, 2017

Chung & Justin’s wedding absolutely amazed me. Everything was DIY — the escort cards, adorable ceremony decorations, paper cranes, aquatic centerpieces, and dozens of cute little green potted paper succulents for wedding favors. Even the wedding party’s bouquets and boutonnieres were picked from the couple’s garden and hand-crafted! It was all so well-made and put together, and most importantly, it reflected the two of them as a couple. They’re both crafty, care about nature, and enjoy gardening and growing their own veggies together, so both the setting at CuriOdyssey and their theme couldn’t have been more perfect. They even incorporated some decorative Philz Coffee cups, since their first date was at Philz. (Philz was also where we did some of their engagement photos!)

I loved the energy and joy on everyone’s faces on their wedding day, and the wedding party was such a blast to work with. After the guys finished getting ready at their apartment and the girls at their hotel, Chung & Justin had their first look behind CuriOdyssey which had just the softest, most beautiful mid-afternoon lighting. Their friends watched from the second-story windows as Chung came up to Justin, and he turned around with perhaps the happiest and cutest reaction I’d ever seen. Their ceremony was a beautiful blend of funny, sweet, and touching, with many laughs and happy tears throughout.

The sun that day and the magical way it shined through the woods was amazing, and I’m thrilled to have been able to take full advantage of it by spending lots of time on portraits for C&J. I’m a lot better with photos than I am with words, so I’ll just let you browse through the photos below 🙂 Congrats to Chung & Justin, a wonderfully perfect match!

Special thanks to the team of vendors: