Mike & Leera’s Wedding at The Outdoor Art Club | Mill Valley Photographer

What a way for us to kick off our wedding season this year! I knew from Mike & Leera’s engagement session that their wedding was going to be lots of fun, yet emotional, and that’s exactly what happened!

After starting off the day with some getting ready photos, we headed over to their wedding venue, the Outdoor Art Club. We found a quiet, isolated spot, away from all the busy wedding preparation going on, for their first look. The bride & groom read their private vows to each other, and good thing Mike brought a handkerchief to catch a few tears for Leera — it was such a sweet moment for the two of them. The ceremony itself was also full of joy and tears, and especially touching as one of the officiants was Leera’s sister Kelly.

Leera’s contagious smile was constant throughout the entire day (even through bits of light crying), but I think during the grand entrance to their reception was when its infectiousness peaked. To go with their safari honeymoon theme, Leera & Mike entered the reception hall wearing holding a pair of binoculars and wearing a safari hat, respectively. It was a little difficult for me to hold the camera still through my laughter and amusement at how cute these two were!

I think the rest of the reception photos show how energetic and fun the crowd was, but I do want to specially point out the last two photos: it was Mike’s grandpa’s 90th birthday that day, and he was no less pumped than the younger folks! He enthusiastically got up to join the party, and was greeted on the dance floor to a HUGE round of applause and cheering.

Congrats to Mike & Leera. Enjoy these photos!