Danielle & Ted | Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club Wedding

I love couples who incorporate a lot of family and friends into their wedding. Ted & Danielle’s wedding was so much fun and so personal. Winston, their officiant, was a longtime family friend who had known Danielle her whole life. His words were sentimental yet funny, and everyone loved what he had to say. His talents didn’t end there — during their reception, Winston actually went on stage to play his guitar and harmonica and sing at the same time. Yes, you read right. Simultaneously. (I suppose I’m fortunate that photography doesn’t require a high degree of coordination and multitasking. I can’t even reliably pat my head and rub my belly.)

The wedding reception featured traditional singing and sharing of an ornately-decorated bread with beautiful birds along the perimeter, followed by several amazing and touching guest toasts which brought many tears to the room. Ted’s best man gave one of the best wedding toasts I’ve ever heard, and it caused the audience to erupt in laughter quite a few times.

We’re incredibly grateful to have been there to capture these beautiful moments, and wish Danielle & Ted all the best in their new journey together!