Lauren & Rob’s Purple Orchid Resort and Spa Wedding | Livermore Wedding Photographer

It’s not every day you hear a couple say “we met on Craigslist” when you ask them how they met, but it’s also not every day you meet this quirky and fun-loving couple, Lauren & Rob, for whom we had the pleasure of photographing for their engagement photos and on their wedding day at Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort & Spa.

While every couple has their own beautiful love story, this pair’s is definitely one for the books! I don’t think I need to repeat the story of the moving truck yet again, but anyway, when they finally tied the knot five years after the start of their roomanticship, everyone couldn’t help but shed a few tears at the wonderful union these two lovebirds were able to create over the years. Lauren and Rob’s wedding was filled with so much laughter, entertainment, and tears of joy!

Their friend and officiant Carlos was such a character, and he filled the ceremony with an air of love and celebration of the couple’s journey together. Fast-forwarding to the reception, many great toasts were given, and one in particular really stood out to me: Tim, Rob’s brother and best man, shared his accounts of the couple’s adventures together with an incredibly hilarious yet totally heartwarming toast. I spent ten minutes not knowing whether to laugh or cry! (Spoiler: I ended up taking photos instead.)

The rustic wedding theme, with the tagline “To the Moon and Back,” was absolutely perfect for the couple as they danced and laughed under the full moon and stars that evening. From what we’ve seen of the pair, we think their love will reach well beyond that! We’re so excited to see the places they’ll go and the things they’ll do whether it’s going on walks or traveling the world hand-in-hand! Congratulations again to Lauren & Rob, and may your love fill the sky!